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Smooothhhhh .  .   .

A restyling . . . no

A transformation. . . no

A translation . . . not even

A need. . . perhaps

The Art Nouveau shape style, was the inspiration for this kind of monster super chitch.

There are all the ingredients to make it suitable for more than a bright living rooms of colonial-style villas, in night clubs of questionable taste when it comes to simplicity and minimalism or obtaining furnished spaces , paradoxically, harmony from disharmony between the parties : the SHAPE , mixed FINISH and the shining of automotive style which can be of the most varied colors , from black to deep Fuksia metallic (not that I piacia the Fuksia .. indeed , in my opinion the color samples Fuksia is banned as facebook is banned in China, but Having regard to the subject could also be there ) , the GAPS along the front curve that reflect the aerodynamic shape of a sports car , the PIPES oF OPTIC FIBER that change color and forntalmente cast a soft glow.


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