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Surprisingly sutckable ! !

If there's one thing that I can not stop thinking about when I fumble with rectangular pieces of paper and glue sticks, is how to create a chair or a stackable chair, i mean infinitely stackable chair, that has not the appearance of those plastic chairs that you can find in department stores and are used for performances in the square at pageants in small towns and become whitish when you leave in the sun.

On the left: the result

Serious description of the PLAN chair:

It is an armchair that is part of a furniture collection called PLAN, made with the aim of obtaining a design object suitable for production even in large quantities, and especially taking into account the costs of both production and handling, being this is a stackable model almost indefinitely. Another factor taken into account (as well as the theme of the concept) was to minimize the use of materials, being careful not to interfere with the design , giving the object a simple line but, at the same time, effective, and which transmits a sense of practicality and functionality. The materials used are aluminium alloy tubular, polypropylene fibers obtained by extrusion and the teak essence to warm it up and balance the choice of the other two materials: modern and anthropogenic origin .


Download tech sheet (.PDF)

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